Jorja & Todd I Intimate San Francisco Elopement

Jorja & Todd came all the way from Florida just to tie the knot in front of the remarkable San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. For their special day, they’ve decided that it has to be about two of them, so they picked a spot that they both always wanted to visit, bought the tickets, and were all ready to rock!

Comparing to the sunny and warm Florida, San Francisco welcomed the couple with a typical gloomy weather; on top of that, it was very foggy and windy. But nothing could’ve destroyed Jorja & Todd’s good mood and readiness to complete what they’ve been so eagerly waiting for.

And it only proves that attitude is everything! The ceremony was sweet, intimate, and touching. The kind of the weather we faced gave us a cool and unusual background for photos. And the rest of the photo shoot also turned in a mini tour for the couple – they really liked the places we took them to, and both Jorja & Todd said that they haven’t seen any of these places when were searching for places to visit in SF.

This wedding is a great example of how important the attitude is. No matter what the situation is and no matter what’s the weather outside, as long as you retain optimistic mood, your day is going to be great! It’s about emotions, and not the perfect settings. Furthermore, sometimes something that might seem as a negative aspect, could turn into something cool and unique.

Camille & Aaron I Magical Muir Woods Engagement Session

The woods always have a mysterious, magical, fairy tale feeling. It gives you a sense of calmness, and attracts you with its enigma. Its vasts are endless, and its beauty can’t be described with words. During this photo shoot, our goal was to capture and deliver the true look and atmosphere of this spectacular place. Take a journey with us through this magical Muir Woods engagement session!

Monica & Andrew I San Francisco Four Seasons Wedding

Elegant and stylish San Francisco Four Seasons Wedding

A foreword from StillNation team

We know it’s been a while since we posted anything. Well, let’s be honest, it’s been really forever since our last post! 2016 has been really busy year, and we concentrated on all kind of business-related matters, and simply didn’t have enough time to get to some other things. But new year new habits, right? Now we will totally concentrate on adding new things to the website. We promise – a lot of new stuff will be coming. And let’s start with this stunning San Francisco Four Seasons Wedding!

The venue

San Francisco has many elegant and luxurious wedding venues to offer, and San Francisco Four Season wedding venue is definitely one of them. Many of our clients choose it specifically for the luxury surroundings it has to offer. But besides the fancy look and atmosphere, San Francisco Four Seasons wedding venue got some other cool features, too. For example, it has an access to the balcony with great view on the city. Plus, it has an easy access to the Jessie Square and Yerba Buena Gardens parks. It happens to be really handy for those couples who desire to get some urban-style wedding shots. Check out this elegant San Francisco Four Seasons wedding of Monica and Andrew to see what we are talking about!


Since the wedding itself was held at San Francisco Four Seasons wedding venue, it’s no wonder that Monica and Andrew chose to have their preparations done at Four Seasons hotel as well. Both bride’s and groom’s teams had really good time doing their preparations. There was a lot of talks, laughter, and emotions. And when Monica put her dress on in the girls’ room, everyone was just in awe! This elegant dress, and the way it fit Monica, is truly stunning! She looked like a real queen. And like a real queen, she even had a crown! 🙂

After amazing all the girls with the beauty of her look, Monica was ready to go out and shock Andrew next.  Blown away was he at the moment the he saw her. These sincere emotions are priceless! Then, after officially meeting each other, the couple and the bridal ready was ready to go out for some group shots. That’s when having the parks near the San Francisco Four Seasons Wedding venue turns out to be really useful – even if the couple is tight on time, they will still be able to get some shots. Plus, if the bride is wearing uncomfortable shoes, she won’t have to suffer for too long. You just walk a short distance and you get to the spot with various urban-style backgrounds. We think such backgrounds reflect the feel of the city wedding very well!

The wedding

When we were done with bridal party photo shoot, we headed back to San Francisco Four Seasons wedding venue to get the official part started. Just look at the fabulous decorations they had at the venue! All the decorations displayed a great taste and attention to details.. And indeed, the amount of flowers and sparkles was uncountable. All thanks to the talented florists and coordinators of FloralArt + Decor.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, there was a very friendly atmosphere as well. Many toasts, a lot of kind words, warm emotions… All of this created warm and pleasing atmosphere. Also, Monica and Andrew has really entertaining program. There were musicians, singers, and performers. They made the whole evening even more remarkable. And the rest of the crowd was participating in fun part as well! The whole night was filled with dances, and no one wanted to stop!

It was a pleasure to photograph this elegant and stylish San Francisco Four Seasons wedding. Monica and Andrew make a very nice couple and we hope that their love for each other will only strengthen with years.

San Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons WeddingSan Francisco Four Seasons Wedding

Rachel & Adrio I San Francisco Wedding

Gorgeous San Francisco Wedding

Let us share with you one of our gorgeous San Francisco weddings that we really love! The reason why we love it so much is because it combines two San Francisco places with the most delightful architecture – San Francisco City Hall and Palace of Fine Arts.

Rachel & Adrio have decided to unite their hearts in the city of San Francisco, being surrounded by a few of their closest people. Their plan was to have the ceremony being done in San Francisco City Hall, and then take some more Palace of Fine Arts wedding photos. Great choice for people who admire architecture. Plus, we think their outfits fit the backgrounds just perfectly! We still go “wow” every time we look at how beautiful Rachel’s dress looks on the pictures. And you could see that windy weather actually played a good role on that day – the way Rachel’s dress is fluttering in the wind in simply breathtaking! It turned out be truly gorgeous San Francisco wedding photos.

And not only it was a gorgeous San Francisco wedding. It also happened to be a heartwarming one. Rachel’s family actually lives in Indonesia, so they came from Indonesia specifically for the purpose of being present at Rachel & Adrio’s wedding. It’s always great to see people gathering from different parts of the world for the special event of their close people. You could see positive vibes and emotions of these people just because of being there, next to each other. Our hearts fill with pure happiness each time we see that!

It was a pleasure to work with this couple and their family. Rachel & Adrio told us that they were planning to go to Indonesia to celebrate their wedding over there as well. We hope that they had a fabulous celebration, and of course, we wish them a life-long celebration of their happiness together!