About Us


So, you are looking through the GET TO KNOW US page to know what our history is and what we are like. It is given that we love photography. Perhaps, we can go in depth by throwing down the fact that our founder, Alex  was practically born with a camera in his hand and a fresh eye for vivid detail and emotion. It may be worth mentioning that he has been doing professional wedding photography for a well-known Bay Area studio for the past seven years. Well, we could talk about all that, but let us tell you what we really feel is essential.

We Love Weddings! And, we really love wedding photography! The atmosphere is so raw and energetic, full of celebration, and we are always left infected with the happiness floating around! We are addicted to immortalizing the festivities through skillful techniques and creative vision. If we could enjoy a wedding affair every day, we would.

It doesn’t matter who you are and where we go. Some people really see the importance on where they’re going to for a photo shoot. Whether it is in grand castle, a lovely hotel, city hall, or in your home, for us, we see the worth of everything around you. There is an incredible amount of magnificent and beautiful detail in everything on your special day, and it is natural for our team to use current circumstances in the best way possible. We find beauty in places that seemed nothing but casual. For instance, we capture a clear glimpse of your happiness in between an opening of leaves or within the reflection of a puddle. In classic photography, for example, harsh and bright light is considered to be a disadvantage, but we believe there is no such thing as bad lighting. We won’t inconvenience you by making you move somewhere else. Instead, we will creatively use what is available and capture the organic splendor of that specific moment.

We come absolutely prepared on the day of your wedding. We are happy to help plan the wedding photo shots anytime beforehand the day of the ceremony, and we can plan out the best angles, and the best shots so that you can cherish your special days for years to come from the best angles of the special day. We are here to work with you, and you have certain or specific ideas, our ears are open to all of the suggestions that you got for us. The wedding is your special day, and we are at your service to help catch and create the memories that will last for eternity. We get the best shots for your wedding whether it be a local San Francisco wedding, a beach wedding, mountain wedding, forest wedding, one that is in a building, or some other destination wedding.

Lastly, before you leave our Get to Know Us section, you have to know that we really want to get to know YOU. It is an honor to be invited to document the celebration of newlyweds’ new adventures together. Building a relationship and connection together helps us capture the unique personality and energy that every couple radiates, and it would be a pleasure to meet up and get yours just right. We are happy to even just meet up for a cup of coffee and you can interview our wedding photographers and make sure you see some of our portfolios as well as grill us to make sure we possess the qualities that are going to add to your wedding day. We want to absolutely enjoy and help contribute experience of your wedding. We’ll make sure that the pictures we take will help you remember how amazing it all was!